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personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Dec 23, 2021
Is a Personal Injury Settlement Marital Property?

Sometimes, big life events come in pairs. You may be a victim of a personal injury accident around the time that you’re going through a divorce. You may wonder...

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Nov 9, 2021
Can a guilty plea be used in a personal injury claim?

Sometimes, an offender faces both criminal charges and a civil claim for the same conduct. For example, a drunk driver who causes an accident may face drunk driving charges...

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Oct 9, 2021
What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

When you’re hurt in a personal injury accident, you may start to think about the legal process and how to receive compensation. You may also wonder if the same...

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Sep 13, 2021
Can you sue if you’re harmed by taking a drug?

We depend on medicine in order to heal us. Prescription drugs should make us feel better. What happens when those drugs cause harm instead? Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney...

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personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Aug 13, 2021
What Should You Not Do After a Car Accident?

The things that you do after a car accident are critical to ensuring that you are treated fairly under the law. But did you also know that what you don’t...

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Jul 13, 2021
Can You Sue SEPTA?

The SEPTA transit system covers millions of miles each year. Unfortunately, with so many miles traveled, thousands of accidents involve the SEPTA system each year. These accidents may bring...

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
Jun 19, 2021
What Are the Hidden Costs of a Car Wreck?

When a car accident occurs, you expect to have property damage and bills for medical examination and treatment. However, there may be some costs that you do not expect....

personal injury lawyer philadelphia
May 25, 2021
How Long Do You Have to Sue for a Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there is a time limit for a car accident victim to bring a personal injury claim. Even with a great case, it’s important to get the case...