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Building Collapse Lawyers in Philadelphia Tell Us Your Story

A building collapse immediately changes the lives and the future of its victims and survivors. In addition to suffering immediate physical injuries and financial and emotional distress, the trauma and pain can last a lifetime. If you or a loved one was harmed in a building collapse, seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

What is a Building Collapse Lawyer?

A building collapse lawyer specializes in cases related to building collapses and structural failures. When a building collapses, it can lead to significant property damage, injuries, and even loss of life.

A Philadelphia building collapse lawyer handles cases involving all aspects of building collapse damages, from personal injury and wrongful death to product liability and property damage. For decades, the Rosen Justice Injury Firm has been helping clients obtain the compensation they deserve after a building collapse.

How Does a Building Collapse Happen?

A building collapse can occur due to various factors, ranging from design flaws and poor construction practices to natural disasters and unexpected structural failures. Here are some common causes of building collapses.

Poor Construction Practices

Inadequate workmanship, the use of substandard materials, and shortcuts taken during construction can weaken the structural integrity of a building, making it susceptible to collapse. Often, builders and developers do not warn residents of these defects upon move-in.

Design Flaws

Buildings are designed by architects and engineers who create blueprints and plans. If these plans have errors, omissions, or miscalculations, the building’s structural integrity may be compromised.

Foundation Issues

A strong foundation is essential for a stable structure. If the foundation is not properly designed, constructed, or maintained, it can lead to shifting and collapse.

Natural Events and Disasters

Events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can subject buildings to extreme forces they might not be able to withstand. While earthquakes are uncommon in Philadelphia, they are not unheard of. In 2011, the city was rocked by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, with its epicenter in Virginia. These forces can cause structural damage and may lead to collapse.

While not “natural,” vibration from nearby construction, heavy machinery, or even nearby traffic can impact a building’s stability in ways that mimic earthquake damage. Uneven settlement of the ground beneath a building’s foundation can also cause structural issues.


Many buildings are not built to withstand the heat of massive fire events. Intense fires can weaken building materials, such as steel and concrete, reducing their load-bearing capacity and potentially causing a collapse. Fires can also lead to explosions, and whether accidental or intentional, explosions can also result in structural damage and collapse.

Age and Deterioration

Over time, buildings can deteriorate due to wear and tear, corrosion, moisture damage, and other factors. If maintenance and repairs are neglected, the structural integrity of the building can be compromised.

Additionally, some older buildings were simply not constructed to withstand modern loads, like bigger and faster elevators and air conditioning equipment. When a building is subject to excessive loads beyond its design capacity—such as heavy equipment, excessive snow accumulation, or overcrowding—it can lead to collapse.

It’s important to note that building collapses are complex events, often involving a combination of factors. If you have been the victim of a building collapse, you should speak with an experienced building collapse lawyer as soon as possible.

Your lawyer can help involve experts in engineering, architecture, and other relevant fields to determine the root causes and contributing factors. This information can help determine liability and strengthen your claim.

Who Is Liable For a Building Collapse?

Determining liability in a building collapse can be complex and time-consuming since more than one party may be responsible.

Liable parties may include the building owner or developer, the architect, and the manufacturers of materials used in construction. Our building collapse attorneys can help you determine whose negligent actions contributed to the accident and hold them accountable.

What Legal Options Do You Have After a Building Collapse?

If you have been injured or lost a loved one to a building collapse, you may be able to pursue legal action and recover compensation for your damages. The types of claims that victims and their families may be able to pursue include:

  • Personal injury claims to help compensate you for your medical bills, lost present and future income, pain and suffering, and other damages;
  • Property damage claims to help you obtain compensation for the cost of repairs or the replacement of your belongings; and
  • Wrongful death claims if you have lost a loved one. 

All these types of lawsuits can help you recover damages for personal expenses and injuries, as well as the death of a close family member.

Navigating the legal process during this sensitive time can be challenging. The kind and compassionate legal team at Rosen Justice Injury Law can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

While this compensation cannot bring back your health or your loved one, it can help you on your road to recovery. Our team will clearly explain your legal options and stand up for your rights in case of a building collapse.

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Speak With a Philadelphia Building Collapse Lawyer Today

After suffering injuries in a building collapse, it may seem impossible to navigate the Pennsylvania legal system alone. You do not have to go it alone – Rosen Justice Injury Law can help.

Our attorneys at Rosen Justice Injury Firm can guide you through this process so you can focus on healing. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our clients, and our goal is to help victims recover financially, physically, and emotionally after a catastrophic event like a building collapse. 

Many victims hesitate to pursue legal action because they are concerned that the process is too complicated or expensive.

The Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers difference is obvious in how we treat our clients. If you become a client, we take the following steps:

  • We communicate the details of your case in plain English;
  • We look out for your physical and emotional healing;
  • We negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf; and
  • Our experienced trial lawyers will take your case to court if no settlement can be achieved.

Our services have no upfront costs, and we do not get paid unless you do. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation.

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When you hire Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers, you’re the top priority. We treat everyone who walks through our doors like family, and we always go the extra mile for our family.

We know your financial struggles; that’s why we don’t require you to pay any legal fees upfront and no out-of-pocket expenses unless we win your case. That’s our promise to you.

Whether you need a slip and fall attorney, car accident attorney, dog bite attorney, SEPTA accident attorney, or wrongful death attorney in Philadelphia, our team has the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process and deliver results.

At Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers, we’re committed to fighting for our community and helping our neighbors in need. We believe in standing up for the underdog and ensuring everyone can access top-notch legal representation. Don’t let financial concerns stop you from seeking justice. Together, we’ll win the fight for you and your community.

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