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What Are the Hidden Costs of a Car Wreck?

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What Are the Hidden Costs of a Car Wreck?

When a car accident occurs, you expect to have property damage and bills for medical examination and treatment. However, there may be some costs that you do not expect. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney team explains the hidden costs of a car wreck.

The hidden costs of a car wreck may include:

Repair deductibles – Even if the costs of repairs are covered by your car insurance, you’re likely to have deductibles to pay. A deductible can be several hundred dollars. Even if you’re not at fault, the out-of-pocket expense may apply before the insurance company pays for repairs.
Vehicle titling and registration – If your vehicle is not driveable, the accident may prompt you to get a new vehicle. There may be registration and title fees that you have to pay in order to make your new purchase.
Traffic tickets – Many accidents are caused by a driving error on the part of one or both drivers. The police may respond to the scene and issue a traffic ticket. If found responsible for the driving error, the person may need to pay a hefty fine and court costs.
Rehabilitation costs – The costs of immediate medical treatment are not the only kind of medical expense that a person may have when they’re hurt in a car wreck. Rehabilitation may be an important part of their treatment and their healing. The expense for physical therapy can be an unexpected cost that comes after a car wreck.
Lost income and changed career path – A car accident can interfere with your job. The injuries that you suffer may prevent you from performing the tasks you need to do at work. In the short term, you may miss shifts or need a break from work. In the long term, you may not be able to continue on the same career path. These costs can quickly add up over time.
Mental health care – A car crash can be as mentally damaging as it is physically damaging. Mental health injuries come at a cost. The cost to treat mental health injuries can be a medical expense just like bills for physical care. In addition, mental health injuries can create a hidden cost to the victim’s quality of life.
Other property damage – Personal property can suffer damage in a car crash. The items in your vehicle may be injured beyond repair. In addition, a vehicle may strike and damage objects at the side of the road.

Compensation for the hidden costs of a car accident

When you’re looking for a personal injury attorney near me, it’s important to work with a legal team that recognizes the hidden costs of a car wreck. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney team works relentlessly to ensure that your claim includes all of the hidden costs that may occur after an accident. Contact our team for personal injury attorney near me today to discuss your claim.

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