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How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

Settlement Attorneys in Philadelphia
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How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

Settlement Attorneys in Philadelphia

Most personal injury cases resolve by settlement. After carefully preparing your case and submitting your claim, you wait for your settlement offer. When it arrives, you’re surprised by how low the amount is. What do you do next? Our settlement attorneys in Philadelphia explain how to respond to a low settlement offer.

How should I respond to a low settlement offer?

If your settlement offer is too low, remember that you do not have to accept it. This is only the beginning step of your case. You may accept the offer, decline it, or opt to submit a counter-offer. Ultimately, if you do not feel that the other side is making a reasonable offer, you can choose to take the case to trial. Working with our personal injury attorneys can help you evaluate how to respond if the settlement offer is too low.

What should a settlement offer be for a personal injury claim?

The first step to knowing that a personal injury settlement is too low is knowing what the personal injury settlement should be. A personal injury attorney in Philadelphia can evaluate legal fault, the categories of compensation, and any insurance policies that may be able to pay damages in the claim. Looking at the entire situation, your attorney can help you understand if the settlement offer is too low. Once you have evaluated the settlement offer amount, you can go about responding.

How can you address a low settlement offer?

To effectively address a low settlement offer, you must identify the reason for the low offer. See if there is information that the other party is lacking. Review if they are disputing fault or arguing that there are preexisting conditions. By evaluating the reasoning for their offer, you may be able to provide more information. Your personal injury law firm can help you prepare a response and know when to offer additional information.

What should I do after a low settlement offer?

Arriving at the right settlement amount may take several rounds of negotiations. It may be appropriate to take the claim to trial. As you decide what to do, continue to save evidence and keep records of interactions with the insurance company. Remember that there are time limits to file a case in court. You do not have to accept a low settlement offer, but there may be other important things that you need to do in order to advance your claim. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help you continue to pursue your claim and get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Low Settlement Offer? Contact Us Today

Are you frustrated by a settlement offer that is too low? Contact our team for help. Our experienced settlement attorneys in Philadelphia can evaluate your individual situation. We can determine how to advance your claim while making sure that you pay attention to timelines and preserve your rights. You can fight back against a low settlement offer and get the compensation that you deserve. 

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