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Can You Sue SEPTA?
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Can You Sue SEPTA?

The SEPTA transit system covers millions of miles each year. Unfortunately, with so many miles traveled, thousands of accidents involve the SEPTA system each year. These accidents may bring physical harm to victims. If you’re hurt in a SEPTA accident, you may wonder what your rights and options are. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney team explains.

Can you sue SEPTA?

Can You Sue SEPTA

Under certain conditions, you have the right to file a lawsuit against SEPTA if you’ve suffered injuries while riding one of their buses. SEPTA’s liability typically hinges on whether their driver was negligent in operating the vehicle. While SEPTA is generally protected by the Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act, there are some important exceptions and qualifications. It may be possible to receive financial compensation for the accident depending on how it occurs and who is at fault. There are strict time limits and unique requirements for giving notice of the claim.

Attorneys for suing SEPTA

When you’re looking for a personal injury attorney near me, we invite you to meet with our attorneys for suing SEPTA. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney team can assist with any of the following types of cases:

  • Careless driving
  • Speeding, running red lights
  • Disregarding stop signs
  • Inadequate employee training, negligent hiring
  • Security issues
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Overcrowding
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Safety violations
  • Slip and fall accidents

There may be a number of different ways that SEPTA accidents can occur. An accident may involve a bus, trolley, train or subway. A victim may be a pedestrian, passenger or an individual traveling in another vehicle.

Considering legal action against SEPTA? you have the right to file a lawsuit against SEPTA if you've suffered injuries while riding one of their buses. Contact our Philadelphia personal injury attorney today. CALL TODAY

Why should you consider hiring a SEPTA accident attorney after being involved in a SEPTA accident?

There are a number of special considerations for SEPTA accident cases. A personal injury attorney near me has the experience to help you with the unique rules that apply in SEPTA cases. For example, the Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act requires victims to provide a formal notice that they are bringing the claim within six months of the accident. This is a strict time limit, and the notice must be given to the appropriate party.

In addition, there are compensation limits that apply to the claim. There is a limit to the amount that the individual may receive, and there is a total amount of liability for all parties for the incident. Understanding these unique issues can help you best prepare your legal strategy and ensure that you comply with all of the necessary steps to maximize your claim.

Bringing a suit against SEPTA

Unfortunately, when you bring a claim for compensation against SEPTA, you’re fighting against a large organization. Our SEPTA injury attorneys have the experience and training in order to assist victims of SEPTA injuries to fight back and assert their rights. We can help you follow the needed steps, create a legal strategy to maximize your claim and provide you with personalized legal representation.

It is possible to receive the financial compensation that you deserve for a SEPTA accident. But you must act quickly. Contact our team of experienced personal injury lawyers today in order to begin working on your case.

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