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Can You Sue a Self-Driving Car?

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Can You Sue a Self-Driving Car?

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Vehicles are more automated than ever before. Vehicles with some automated features are already available to the public. Manufacturers are continuing to develop the technology, and some vehicles without drivers are being tested on the roads. As the technology progresses, you may wonder what happens if you’re hit by a self-driving car. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers explain.

Can you sue a self-driving car?

Yes, you can sue a self-driving car if it is responsible for causing an accident. The vehicle manufacturer may be responsible for inadequate design or vehicle malfunction. You may also bring a claim if a driver is responsible for failing to appropriately monitor and take control of the vehicle, if necessary.

Lawsuits against self-driving cars

Self-driving cars can malfunction. Regulators report approximately 400 crashes in an 11-month period. As manufacturers struggle to perfect their technology, self-driving cars have caused injury and even death. Victims are left wondering where to turn. They may wonder if a personal injury attorney near me can help them claim compensation.

The answer may be yes. Standards for defective products apply to vehicle manufacturers. When a self-driving car violates a traffic regulation and causes an accident, the vehicle obviously hasn’t operated as intended. The vehicle manufacturer may be responsible for a defective design or for a manufacturing defect that results in a traffic error. Both the occupant of the self-driving vehicle and the person in another vehicle may be eligible to bring a claim for compensation.

Because self-driving cars are not yet widely commercially available, most cars with self-driving technology still have a vehicle operator. They have some self-driving features, but operators remain behind the wheel. These technologies may assist with lane keeping, cruise control that is responsive to other traffic, blind spot monitoring and even negotiating corners automatically. Although these technologies assist the driver, the driver must be ready to assert control of the vehicle.

If the driver is negligent in their operation of the vehicle, they may be liable for an accident. They cannot simply blame the technology for causing the accident. The driver must still exercise reasonable judgment. The indicators and warnings given by the self-driving features may be part of the inquiry into whether the driver’s actions were reasonable. However, the victim may still work with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney to hold the driver accountable for acting negligently.

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At Rosen Justice, we are the personal injury attorney near me that can help you determine your rights and options. Cases involving self-driving vehicles are possible. However, there are some special considerations to bringing this type of claim. You must prove what happened. It may be necessary to show how the vehicle malfunctioned or how the driver failed to pay sufficient attention and assume control of the vehicle when necessary.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys, and we are prepared to explore every avenue to seek justice. Let us investigate, determine the party responsible and identify how you can claim compensation. Contact us today to review your case.

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