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Can I Sue if I Was Assaulted?

Assault Attorney in Philadelphia
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Can I Sue if I Was Assaulted?

Assault Attorney in Philadelphia

Being the victim of assault impacts you physically and mentally. You may have serious physical injuries that require medical treatment. The emotional scars can leave you anxious and cautious about the world around you. Law enforcement may investigate and bring the offender to justice. However, there may not be criminal charges. Either way, a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help you evaluate the situation and pursue an assault lawsuit for compensation.

Can I sue if I was assaulted?

If you’re the victim of an assault, you may bring a civil lawsuit to court. The claim seeks to hold the offender accountable as well as give financial compensation to the victim. In addition to suing the offender, a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help you explore other parties who may have legal liability for what happened, including a business or other organization who may have negligently allowed the assault to occur.

What is an assault personal injury claim?

When an assault occurs, you may report the incident to the police. They may file charges against the offender. In addition, you may bring your own civil claim. The two types of cases are very different. 

In a criminal case, the state’s attorney, commonly referred to as a prosecutor or district attorney, initiates the charges. The victim may give input throughout the case, but they do not have the final say when it comes to filing the charges, allowing a plea bargain, or going to trial. In a criminal case, the burden of proof is high, requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction.

In the civil case, the victim has their choice of a personal injury attorney. Together, with their attorney, they make the decisions throughout the case. The victim does not have to settle the case if they do not want to. In a civil case, jail time is not a possibility. The focus is on accountability for the offender and any other parties who allowed the assault to occur. The end result may be financial compensation for the victim.

What is involved in a suit for assault?

Assault is an intentional action. The offender doesn’t necessarily need to intend the injuries to result. However, the defendant must have intended a harmful and offensive touching against the victim. The victim must prove their damages. In a civil case, damages may include pain and suffering.

How can an assault attorney help me?

To receive compensation for assault, you must initiate the case. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can represent you. To make your case successful, you must identify the responsible party or parties, prepare evidence, and file legal documents. An experienced attorney can assist with all of the steps to maximize the claim. They represent you through all aspects of the case, and you do not have to interact directly with the defense. 

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Our lawyers work relentlessly to represent individuals who are victims of personal injury including assault victims. Bringing an assault claim is an important want to hold the offender accountable by taking action. In addition, you may receive the financial compensation you deserve. Let our Philadelphia civil assault attorneys help you understand your rights and options. We are aggressive litigators for assault victims. Contact us today.

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