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6 Best Trucking Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia – Our Best Picks

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6 Best Trucking Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia – Our Best Picks

Best trucking accident lawyers in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city rich with American history. It also has spectacular museums, restaurants, and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, when a city is as great as the City of Brotherly Love, there is a lot of traffic. And where there is traffic, you can bet there is a risk of getting into an accident.

If you are in an accident in Philadelphia, it is essential to speak with a Philadelphia truck accident attorney right away.

However, finding a truck accident attorney in Philadelphia can be an additional challenge as you recover from your injuries.

To help you find the best help after your accident, the team at the Rosen Justice Injury Firm has compiled a list of the best truck accident attorneys in Philadelphia, PA.

we understand the difficulties you face following a truck accident. It’s essential that you have a skilled advocate to help you navigate the process of filing and pursuing a personal injury claim. Count On Our 75+ Years of Collective Experience, Don't settle for less! CALL TODAY

Why Would We Recommend Other Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers?

We believe that you deserve the best possible help for your situation following a truck accident. While we believe we can provide the best representation if you are involved in a Philadelphia truck accident, there are a number of excellent truck accident attorneys to choose from. To help you identify the right firm for your needs, here is our list of six of the best car truck accident lawyers in Philadelphia.

1. Rosen Justice Injury Firm

Evan M. Dyer, a leading Trucking Accident lawyer in Philadelphia, is a dedicated attorney at Rosen Justice. Specializing in taking on insurance companies in automobile accident and premises liability cases, Evan offers clients a strategic blend of thoughtful and aggressive representation. 

His commitment to resolving cases efficiently while maximizing compensation for Trucking Accident lawsuits sets him apart in the legal community. Before joining Rosen Justice, Evan refined his skills in general civil litigation in Media, Pennsylvania, developing a broad and creative approach to litigation strategies. 

This unique background enables him to craft innovative solutions that significantly benefit his clients in Trucking Accident cases across Pennsylvania.

Evan’s educational credentials are impressive, including a J.D. from Washington and Lee University School of Law, a B.A. Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama, and a B.S. from Drexel University.

 Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Evan’s extensive legal expertise is well-established. 

His dedication to his clients and exceptional legal acumen make him a top choice among Trucking Accident lawyers in Philadelphia. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys playing soccer and is an avid University of Alabama football fan, reflecting his well-rounded and dynamic personality.

I’m very pleased with the results. I definitely recommend Evan for your legal needs

Evan Dyer was excellent from start to finish. He is a great communicator, and provides superb legal counsel. He worked efficiently, and secured a great outcome for me. I’m very please with the results. I definitely recommend Evan for your legal needs!

Matthew A. Casey

2. Matthew A. Casey

Since starting his firm, Matthew Casey has obtained nearly 200 settlements or verdicts for clients above $1 million. Mr. Casey represents clients across the spectrum of personal injury cases and has had a great deal of success in both verdicts and settlements for Philadelphia truck accident victims. 

Hannah J. Molitoris

3. Hannah J. Molitoris

Hannah Molitoris is a former insurance company attorney who knows how to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure her injured clients get favorable settlements. She recently won over $3 million for a client in a trucking accident injury case

4. Lee D. Rosenfeld

Lee D. Rosenfeld

With over 30 years of representing truck accident clients under his belt, Lee Rosenfeld is a formidable presence at the negotiating table as well as in the courtroom. He has helped hundreds of injured clients obtain significant settlements and verdicts.

5. Geoffrey B. Gompers

Geoffrey B. Gompers

Geoffrey Gompers has been successfully representing personal injury clients for almost 40 years. His practice includes all types of personal injury representation as well as labor and employment cases, and he has routinely obtained six- and seven-figure settlements for his clients.

6. Brent Wieand

Brent Wieand

Brent Wieand’s entire career has focused on obtaining justice for accident injury victims. He runs his own successful practice, so he can devote all of his attention to the ongoing pursuit of justice for those injured by truck accidents and other types of negligence.

Trust Our Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorneys for Compensation

At Rosen Justice Injury Firm, we understand the difficulties you face following a truck accident, and we hope that choosing an attorney isn’t one of them.

It’s essential that you have a skilled advocate to help you navigate the process of filing and pursuing a personal injury claim. While we hope we will be able to help you with your claim, if we aren’t the right fit, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with one of the other attorneys on this list.

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