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Can you sue if you’re harmed by taking a drug?

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Can you sue if you’re harmed by taking a drug?

We depend on medicine in order to heal us. Prescription drugs should make us feel better. What happens when those drugs cause harm instead? Our Philadelphia personal injury attorney team explains dangerous drug lawsuits.

Can you sue if you’re harmed by taking a drug?

Yes, you can sue if you’re harmed by taking a drug. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have legal requirements when it comes to the drugs that they make and sell. When their products are unreasonably dangerous, they may be liable to consumers for the harm that they cause.

What kind of legal case is a dangerous drugs case?

A dangerous drugs case is a products liability case. There are laws that require manufacturers to adequately test their products and warn consumers of dangers. These laws apply to pharmaceutical companies as well as makers of other types of products. If a product is unreasonably dangerous, the victims may recover financial compensation.

There are a few different ways that a prescription or over-the-counter drug can be unreasonably dangerous. First, the drug may be poorly designed. The ingredients may have a great risk of harm to patients. Of course, many drugs have side effects. However, in some cases, the unintended consequences are so bad that the drug is too dangerous and unhealthy. The company must adequately test their drugs before sending them to market.

Another way that a product can be dangerous is if it fails to offer sufficient warnings to consumers. If there’s a chance that a drug is going to cause unpleasant side effects, people have a right to know before they decide to take it. Warning labels and instructions for taking the medicine are an important part of patient care. A victim may have representation from a personal injury attorney near me to evaluate their claim and help them through the claims process.

What compensation can you receive if you’re harmed by taking a drug?

If you’re harmed by taking a drug, you may deserve economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are financial losses including the cost of increased medical care. If you need doctor visits, surgeries and procedures in order to undo the harm that has occurred, you may include these expenses in your compensation.

In addition, your injuries may make it impossible for you to work for a period of time. Lost wages can be a part of your claim.

Finally, your Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your claim for pain and suffering. Becoming the victim of a dangerous drug comes with physical pain and suffering as well as mental anguish. Monetary compensation alone cannot undo the harm that has occurred. However, financial compensation can ease your suffering as well as hold those responsible accountable for what has occurred.

Attorneys for dangerous drugs lawsuits

If you’ve been harmed by taking a medication, you need a personal injury attorney near me that can represent your interests and fight for justice. Contact our team for representation from a personal injury attorney near me. Let us
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