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SEPTA Accident Attorney in Museum District Pennsylvania

SEPTA vehicles take millions of annual trips around the city day after day, year after year. SEPTA trains, buses, and trolleys are required to follow certain safety protocols, but they don’t always prevent the worst case scenario. If you believe you were seriously hurt by a SEPTA operator’s negligence, a Museum District SEPTA accident attorney can help you pursue a personal injury claim.

At Rosen Justice, our personal injury lawyers specialize in SEPTA accidents and know how to negotiate on behalf of clients. Working with an attorney will ensure that you have the best possible chance of recouping your losses. A fair settlement offer will only come with the right legal representation by your side.

What to do on the Scene

Hindsight is 20/20, and you may be reading this article several days or weeks after your accident. However, even if you didn’t do everything correctly on the scene of the accident, you may still be able to file a claim and receive compensation.

As soon as a SEPTA-related accident occurs, the best course of action is to:

  • Ask for a SEPTA incident card if you didn’t receive one. SEPTA operators should provide incident cards to all parties who were involved.
  • Take photos of the accident, especially your vehicle if you were driving one. Any photos that accurately tell the story of what happened will support your claim. Both photo and video footage prove vital pieces of evidence, especially in a highly disputed case.
  • Gather contact details from any witnesses who were on the scene. Their testimonies may prove invaluable later on in your case.
  • Go directly to the hospital to receive treatment. One of the biggest mistakes accident victims make is not seeking medical treatment right away. Even if you feel well enough to walk off the scene, that doesn’t mean you should. The adrenaline rush observed in accident victims often distracts them from pain and puts them out of touch with the seriousness of their injuries.

These steps should be taken regardless of whether you were walking, bicycling, driving a car, or riding SEPTA at the time of the accident. Once you’ve taken these basic steps to document your accident and establish credibility, the next step is to continue documenting your injuries. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor or a medical specialist.

SEPTA Accident Attorney in Museum District

How SEPTA Handles Injury Claims

In a crowded city like Philadelphia, SEPTA vehicles are rarely out of service. With routes covering the city and its surrounding areas, SEPTA is always transporting passengers from point A to point B. For this reason, accidents are simply unavoidable. In light of this, SEPTA established a claims department that handles accidents and personal injury claims. In addition, the transit authority introduced incident cards to protect themselves from false claims, which were occurring at an increasing rate. If you were hurt in an accident that involved SEPTA, an incident card is one of the most helpful pieces of evidence.

Aside from how SEPTA handles injury claims, it’s useful to know how laws have changed. In Pennsylvania, the Sovereign Immunity Act protects SEPTA by limiting how much they can be sued for. This means that an injured person can settle for damages up to $250,000. In addition, SEPTA will never be required to pay more than $1 million in damages for a single accident regardless of how many people were involved. This means that if you were severely hurt in an accident that involved many people, you should get in touch with a Museum District SEPTA accident attorney right away before compensation runs out.

Filing an Injury Claim Against SEPTA

There are many reasons why SEPTA claims may be more challenging than other vehicle accident claims. For example, if you were driving a car and collided with another car, each party’s insurance companies would handle the damages. In cases where each driver is adequately insured and injuries weren’t too serious, this can be a cut and dry process with settlement checks being awarded soon after the accident.

SEPTA’s involvement in an accident may complicate things for various reasons:

  • It may be unclear who was at fault.
  • You may have trouble getting through to the claims department.
  • You may not have received an incident card confirming the accident occurred.
  • If several others were involved, it may be harder to get attention for your injuries.

Part of a Museum District SEPTA accident attorney’s job is to calculate damages. They will investigate the accident and talk to you to figure out how much money you are entitled to.

In a SEPTA accident, you can be paid for:

  • Lost wages – past, present, and future
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Property damage

Another important thing to remember is Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations. This law determines how long after an accident a person can file a civil claim. For most incidents, the statute is two years. But for SEPTA accidents, the statute is just 6 months. This means you have a limited window to seek compensation. After this brief period, you forfeit your opportunity to be paid for damages, no matter how legitimate your claim is.

Work with a SEPTA Accident Attorney in Museum District

A car or bus accident can turn your life upside down. The lingering effects of your injury can destroy both your piece of mind and your ability to financially support yourself. When someone else’s actions take such a dire toll on your life, it’s time to exercise your legal rights.

If you are ready to pursue a SEPTA accident claim and need help, partner with our Museum District SEPTA lawyers. We charge no upfront fees and only receive payment if and when we win your settlement. Schedule a free appointment with Rosen Justice to talk to an expert injury attorney today. You’ll have an opportunity to tell your story, ask questions, and decide what to do next with the help of a professional.

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